Monday, 25 February 2013

Troubleshoot Messaging Interface Error Outlook: Complete Solution

Are you unable to create mail in Outlook? Do you frequently getting messaging interface error in Outlook? Failed to access your important PST files? If your answer is true then you are at the right place. From here you will get complete details regarding solution to fix this annoying error,

Large number of people all around the globe trust Ms Outlook for management of their day to day emails, contacts, appointments, notes, journals, etc. However, like other application Outlook is also highly prone to corruption. In many of the situation users have to come across anooying errors while retrieving their vital information. One of such common error is Outlook Interface error that pop ups in following given manner:

The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, start Outlook again.”

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Scanpst.exe Failed to Start: Fix the Issues Easily

Has your Outlook Application totally got corrupted due to which you are encountering multiple kinds of error messages while sending or receiving mails or simply while accessing Outlook. Have you tried Scanpst.exe to fix the issues but unfortunately your Scanpst.exe failed to start?? Well, if this exactly is the case then you are at the right place where you get complete solution to fix all kinds of your Scanpst.exe and Outlook related issues in hassle-free way. 

Before going the resolution, let focus on what could be the possible reasons for the Scanpst.exe startup malfunctioning. Actually, Scanpst.exe is a default pst repair tool which comprises of several number of legitimate files which makes it a overall PST repair tool. Out of several files, OLMAPI32.dll file is one of the most important file whose intactness is very important for repairing the corrupted Outlook personal storage table (PST) file. If there is any problem with this very file or if it is not present in your System then you many encounter an error messages whenever Scanpst.exe is started. 

“SCANPST.EXE- Unable To Locate Component; This application has failed to start because OLMAPI32.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix the Problem.”  

Scanpst.exe Download Windows 7: Is it Possible??

Windows 7 is the probably the most widely used version of Windows Operating System. It offers so many additional features in terms of connectivity, maintenance, interface etc that you won’t find in any other versions. Many of the users use Outlook on Windows 7 to manage their personal emails and other personal data such as notes, journals, tasks, etc. Using Outlook on Windows 7 is very handy because it works in a very organized and secured way. It stores all the information in a single PST file which is also known as Personal Storage Table. Outlook offers multiple kinds of facilities and advantages but still mis-happening comes with all good things and Outlook has no exception.  

Scanpst.exe Not Repairing PST File: What Next?

Personal Storage Table or PST is a repository of all Outlook data such as contacts, notes, calendar, emails, journals, etc. It stores entre data in a single file named PST. Sometimes, it happen that Outlook PST files gets corrupted or damaged. As a result users have to encounter with annoying error messages that pop ups to display screen and terminates the entire process. In order to handle all such Outlook problems Microsoft offers an inbuilt tool name as Scanpst.exe. It is an effective PST repair utility that solves minor PST corruption issues. It is especially designed to solve the corruption issue of PST file due to file header corruption.

If your important PST files has been damaged due to some other reasons like 2GB PST oversized issue, crash of Outlook, intrusion of harmful viruses and other technical glitches, Scanpst.exe fails to repair PST file. In such critical condition users come across annoying error messages such as “scanpst.exe not responding” and many others. To get rid out of this issue and access important PST files opting automatic PST repair tool becomes handy. It first scans the PST file and recovers all the corrupted or damaged PST files without any effortlessly. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Repair Outlook 2010 PST File Easily

For the purpose to mange emails, messages, contacts, attachments and others large number of users makes use of Microsoft Outlook application. It is a powerful application that offers lots of features and easy to us functions. Outlook 2010 is a successor of all previous Outlook versions which is faster and advantageous. In order to store all the items Outlook make use of PST file. It is a repository of all information stored by users. Under some circumstances the data stored in Outlook get deleted, corrupted and becomes totally inaccessible. Such problem arises due to several reasons as given below: 

  • Exceeding of file size limit of PST file
  • Upgrading Outlook from earlier version to 2010
  • Damage of Outlook profile
  • Faulty Internet connection
  • Unexpected shut down of Outlook application
  • Intrusion of harmful virus 
  • And many others

Friday, 15 February 2013

Solve Outlook PST is Already in Use Error

From long time, Microsoft Outlook is the first choice of millions of users all around the globe. It is widely accepted by the professionals for the management of their day to day emails and other related data. This application is used to store information such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar, journals, notes, etc. In order to save all these data, Outlook make use of Personal Storage Table or PST. It is repository of all Outlook information. It also comes with the facility to allow users to important export their personal data.

Under some circumstances, Outlook application encouter with number of problems due to the corruption of PST file. Outlook "PST is Already in Use” is annoying error that appears to display screen and abrupt the enitre process. It prevents users to send or receive emails, access important infromation and others. This problem generally occurs when user try to import or export the emails outside Outlook environment. Sometimes, users faces problem while performing the task and as a result users have to come across error in below given manner:

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Know How to Fix Outlook.PSt Cannot be Found Error

Outlook is the first choice of million of users all around the globe. This application is preferred by large number of professionals for their effective management of data such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar, journals, etc. In order to save all these information Microsoft Outlook make use of PST files. Personal Storage Table or PST contains all the items used for effective communication and management of data. However, under some circumstances PST file stored on Outlook gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. In many of the situation users also have to encounter with annoying error messages.

Consider a scenario when Outlook user try to open important email “Outlook.PSt Cannot be Found” error pop ups to dispay screen and abrupt the entire process.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Free Download

Most of the Outlook users look for an effective software that can repair the corrupted or damaged PST files from Outlook. In many of the situation users come across corruption of PST files due to number of reasons. As a result when user try accessing their important PST files annoying error messages pop ups to display screen and terminates the entire process. In order to helps those needy people Kernal offers an effective PST repair tool. It is an advanced application that is capable to easily repair and restore PST files easily and without any hassle.

This software allows users to restore all your emails, attachments, journals, calendar, notes, etc from Outlook. With the help of too, you can also recover HTML, RTF, Text and Unicode characters files safely. If you are important PST files has been corrupted or damaged then using Kernal PST Repair tool, you can easily retrieve all the inaccessible items from Outlook.

You can try this software before buying. This application is available for free evalaution at free of cost with certain limitation. If you are satisfied using free version of the application you can also purchase license version easily from here. With this demo download you can search, repair and preview the corrupted files but to restore the damaged PST files, you need to buy licensed version of the application. It is one of the best application that has been rewarded by Cnet, Tucows, Softonic and others. So, free download the application by clicking the link on given button. 

Fix File Access is Denied Error in Outlook PST

For the effective management of data such as emails, contacts, notes, calendars and other people prefer using Outlook application. It comes with lots of innovative and creative features that allows to store huge amount of data. In order to store all these saved items Outlook make use of Personal storage table that is popularly known as PST. All the information saved in Outlook are easily accessible simple to use. However under some circumstance people meet with “file access is denied” error that restricts to access their important PST file.

In number of situation such problem arises when you import a PST file from CD-Rom with the use import export wizard you will get the error message as mentioned below:

Personal Folders: Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use.”

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

"Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0×80040116." Issue: Easy Solution

Corruption of Outlook is a common phenomenon that lots of users faces due to various issues. Personal Storage Table or PST is a repository of all Outlook data such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar, journals, etc. Under some circumstances the PST file stored in Outlook unexpectedly gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. This problem mainly occurs due to the reasons like exceeding of 2GB file size limit, corruption of header, malfunctioning of hardware or software, intrusion of harmful virus and many others. Due to the corruption of PST files users have to encounter with "Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0×80040116." that prevents users to access their important data from Outlook.

Each time when user try to send or receive any emails similar error pop ups to display screen in the below given manner and abrupt the process:

"Unable to display the folder,[path] Outlook.pst could not be accessed, access denied."

Usually, this particular error pop ups to display screen when your PST has been corrupted or when it fails to read the hierarchy information from the PST file. In order to get rid out of the problem, Microsoft offers an inbuilt application named Scanpst.exe or Inbox repair tool. With the help of tool, you can repair corrupted PST file and overcome from "Outlook.pst cannot be accessed – 0×80040116." issue. Below are the manual method to repair damaged PST file:

  • At first, go to find or search option and find Scanpst.exe
  • Next, enter the path of PST file or browse the location
  • Then click on start by using the profile that contains repaired PST file
  • Now, on the view menu, click on the folder list option and locate “lost and found” folder
  • Finally, move the recovered items to your new PST profile.

With the aforementioned steps, you will be able to sort out the problem. In case if your still not able to open the PST file then execute this steps on Outlook.

  1. First, run scanpst.exe on hard drive and ensure disk integrity
  2. Then move PST file to other location and relocate PST file to the new profile
  3. And restart Outlook

With this guidelines, you will be able to successfully restore the corrupted or deleted emails and other Outlook data securely. May this Outlook Info have helped you to get rid out of the problem easily.

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